GILMAR in the final of International Polo Tournament of Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande

GILMAR attended to the last day of the International Polo Tournament that takes place every year in the Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande (San Roque). In its 45th edition, ...


GILMAR Puerto Banús at COPE Marbella

GILMAR took part of the social gathering of COPE Marbella to talk about various relevant today topics. In this picture we can see (from left to right) Setareh Mohregi, director of ...


Costa del Sol magazine edited by Gilmar

Costa del Sol is one of the areas where Gilmar has a wide range of luxurious properties. Together, the three offices that Gilmar has on the Costa del Sol (Marbella, Puerto ...


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Gilmar Consulting Inmobiliario 27 - February - 2017

Once again Gilmar and its firm commitment to the promotion of culture, we went to the presentation of the book “That was not in my book of History of Egypt” in which José Miguel Parra brings us to the world of the pharaohs and the Great pyramids that do not come in the traditional books. José Miguel Parra, writer, and Setareh Mohregi, office manager in Gilmar Marbella-Puerto Banús In his lecture, he presented us in detail on the findings and discoveries they have had about Egyptian culture in recent years. It offers an irresistible reading for history buffs and, especially, those  [ Read more ]

Gilmar Consulting Inmobiliario 17 - February - 2017

At Gilmar’s stand, international department, Paloma Ruíz, and from Gilmar’s Marbella office, Alejandra Méndez On this occasion, and reaffirming our interest and commitment to our partners in Belgium, we went to Ghent Second Home Expo, where we were once again able to approach those interested in investing in a property in Spain. It has been a busy days in which Gilmar representatives from the offices of the Costa del Sol collaborated providing adequate information on the most representative areas and sites that generate great interest in Europe and especially for the Belgians. We worked with a stand in position directly  [ Read more ]

Gilmar Consulting Inmobiliario 7 - February - 2017

Chencho Arias and the journalist, Amparo de la Gama Gilmar Real Estate, with the firm commitment to support the culture, in this occasion inside the iconic Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella and with the journalist, Amparo de la Gama, we went to the presentation of the book ‘I always believed that the diplomats were suckers’ of Chencho Arias, in which the author recounts his memoirs. Illustrated by a life of diplomatic experience, Inocencio told us through his story, the anecdotes that tell with an exceptional lucidity, it involves us in a way in which it seems that he is sitting  [ Read more ]

Gilmar Consulting Inmobiliario 6 - February - 2017

On this occasion, Gilmar Real Estate through our close relationship with CIT Marbella and The British chamber of Commerce; were invited to the exclusive presentation of Simon Manley (British ambassador to Spain) who had the mission to transmit the message of security and reaffirm the relations between the United Kingdom and Spain. According to him its primary objective was the business approach between the two nations. Regarding the issue “Brexit” and the huge concern it has generated; The Ambassador told us about the tranquility and certainty that Spain must have in the face of the great interest that Britain has  [ Read more ]

Gilmar Consulting Inmobiliario 31 - January - 2017

We went to the appointment last January 26 to the Lunch of partners with Mr. Javier Martín, Local Police Inspector of Marbella. Gilmar Real Estate is a partner of the business association called CIT and this meal was the first of the year in which the speaker guided us through his experience in safety and well-being in Marbella. Estepona Gilmar’s office director, Patricia Vida and the CIT’s President, Juan José González He holds a degree in Criminology from the University of Alicante; Master of Analysis and Prevention of Crime and Diploma in Public Security. He has extensive specialized police training and  [ Read more ]